Inge Mahn & Vlado Velkov, Stand und Verfassung, 2020, Wolziger See 



Waterspace is collaborative project that explores water as a muse, a social space and a global challenge through artistic work. In cooperation with artists and scientists, who share a common passion for art and water, we realize projects in and on the water. Waterspace acts as an interdisciplinary studio and Waterkunstverein that takes up hybrid forms of collaboration in order to expand the relationship of art and nature through new experiments in water. Our research refers to the site-specific ecosystem, but also contributes with free and independent artistic experiments. Complex formats as the water exhibition Odyssey will be further developed in cooperation with partner institutions too. The aura of water is connecting people and ideas to trigger imagination and a sustainable approach to nature.

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Brunnenstr. 188-190

10119 Berlin

Contact: Vlado Velkov